First Impressions: Joan Collins First Base Foundation*

It's no secret that I'm not a foundation type of girl...

Well I haven't been for around five years. My main reason is because I can never find one that is the correct shade for my skin or leaves my skin looking flawless. I've tried cheap ones, expensive ones, mousse ones and liquid ones - nothing just ever gives me the finish I like.  Frequent reminders of my fifteen year old gothic phase haunt my foundation memories and the walls of my parent's house. So I came to the conclusion that I should just never wear it.

However recently I tried out a powder foundation by Joan Collins which I fell in love with. So when I was asked whether or not I wanted to try out the new Joan Collins first base foundation I was rather excited to give it a try.   

beauty blogger joan collins first base foundation review

As with all Joan Collins products the packaging is absolutly beautiful. With the signature black and gold combination on the outside packaging and the foundation bottle made of glazed glass for the actual product packaging - the entire product reflects chic sophistication which I have come to expect from any Joan Collins product. As always I think it'll look stunning in my make-up collection as well as on my dressing table. 

However one thing I don't like so much about this packaging is that it is a pump application - which means I have to make sure every last drop of product is wiped away from the nozzle unless I want to smear the beautifully clear top with reminants of product that should have been on my face (side note: I have already done this).

beauty blogger Joan Collins first base foundation review

Upon pumping out the product onto my hand I found that it was more fluid than I expected which can make applying the foundation quite difficult. First of all I just tried blending it in with my fingertips however I found this made me look very streaky - very quickly. So I decided instead to salvage my foundation with a beauty blender and  a fluffy blending brush, which worked far better but still ever so slightly patchy. 

The colour - once blended in actually suited my skin tone rather well and didn't oxidise into a weird orange colour after prolonged wear. Hallelujah! Finally a foundation that matches my more than pale complexion and red undertones. I believe the foundation I have is in the shade warm extra fair.

beauty blogger Joan Collins first base foundation review

Overall I'd have to say that the colouring of this foundation is fantastic for my skin tone however I wish the formula was slightly thicker so I could get a heavier coverage. Admittedly though, the foundation does layer up very well with other products. To give myself a truly flawless finish I just topped up my look with a little highlighter and bronzer. 

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